The first part of this blog is designed to give you insights on how to play five of the most popular casino games in New Zealand. The second part is designed to illustrate how these games relate to the residents , and why they are so popular.

The Five Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand


A lot of beginning players want to learn how to play. That way they can join in the fun. It is an easy-to-learn game. Now, there might be different variations(of the game), but the basics remain the same. There are two ways to win a hand: a) You could either bluff your way through it(a lot of players do that, even when they should not). What you do(basically) is to try and force the other player’s hands. We do not suggest bluffing unless you know what you are doing. Many have tried before and have been burned badly. b) The second way to win is to have the best hand at the end. This is after all but two other players have folded. You want the best five-card hand. Now, we are going to talk about the types of hands that compete against one another. Some of them will win, while others will lose. a) A Royal Flush: You could have anything from the Ace-Ten (they all have to be the same suit, though). b) You could have a Straight Flush(which is 4-8. They all have to be of the same suit, once again. c) You could have a Four-of-a-Kind (which is Ace-4-4-4-4). d) You might have a Straight(which is an 8-4). This hand can be of various suits. e) You could have a Full House(some people call it a Boat). You need three Aces and two Jacks. There is a lot more to go over. You can visit bicyclecards basics of poker.


The main goal is to beat the dealer without cards that go over 21. This feat might seem impossible, but it is not. You just have to know what you are doing. The face cards are worth about ten apiece. The Ace is worth either one or eleven. Players begin with two cards. Point of interest: One of the dealer’s cards is hidden until the end. You can either hit or stand. To “hit” means to ask for another card. To “stand” is to hold your hand until the end and end your run. Say, for example, you do go over 21. You will bust, and the dealer wins no matter what the hand is. Say, for example, you are dealt an Ace and a Ten. You have Blackjack. There is an entire Blackjack strategy that you can read about at bicyclecards how to play blackjack.


The game is played on a wheel. There are 38 slots and the table alternates between black and red. Below you will find some examples of inside and outside bets. Inside a) There is the straight bet. That means you are betting that one number is going to come up. You place the chip on that number. You win if the wheel comes up on that number(the odds are 35-1). b) There is a split bet. That means you choose two numbers sitting next to one another and place a bet. You will win if either number is chosen by the wheel. The odds are 17-1. Outside Bets a) There is the red bet. That means you bet on the colour red, regardless of the number. Winners are paid even money( usually 1 to 1). b) There is a black bet. The same rules you follow on red apply here. c) There are low and high bets. Low betting is when you pick 1-18. The high bet is when you pick 19-36.

Video Poker

Keep in mind, that these rules apply to Jacks or Better Video Poker. You can see a more extensive outline of the general rules is the site below. a) You begin by selecting the number of credits you want. You take those credits and make a wager on 1-5. The computer deals you five cards. You pick the ones you want and discard the rest for two new cards. b) The final hand determines whether you win or lose. You should only draw four cards if you have one high card. You do not draw anything if you have anything from a Straight Flush to a Royal Flush. You can read more on video poker at poker news here.

French Roulette

This link from poker news is going to give you most of the information you need if you are a beginner. The story behind French Roulette relates to Blaise Pascal. He was trying(in vain) to create the ultimate perpetual motion machine. It made its way across the waters to America. They changed some of the rules and tables. They also made changes to the house got the edge. The one difference between the French and American versions is the percentage of the house edge. The French version has 1.35%, while the American version has a 5.26% edge. Once again, visit the link above to find out more.

Why Are Casino Games Popular In New Zealand?

Some of these tips are for beginners, while others are for every player.

1) You do not have to travel to play. You can sit in the comfort of your home and play an intense game without having to move. Online tournaments are intense, to begin with. The last thing someone wants is to travel with that anxiety building.

2) Say, for example, you live in New Zeland and want to play a poker tournament. Did you know the entrance fees are much lower than going to a land-based casino in New Zealand? Some players are learning the ropes. Players want to be able to play for practice without losing real money. It is great if you want to play for fun using a fake tournament. Players need those skills if they are going to play in a real game. Online games give you chances. It is ideal for beginners. You can start to play with real money when you are ready.

3) Some sites offer virtual money. Once more, it is a great way for beginners to learn. Fake money(virtual money) has no bearing in the real world. All this status does is provide an outlet for learning without the intensity that comes from a real game.

4) There is less pressure when you play with fake money(the ideal move for beginners). Some sites do offer a friendly version of the games. That way New Zealanders can take their time.

5) Land-based casino tends to close down after a certain time. Online casinos do not. You can play games anytime you like. That makes it ideal for night owls. Land-based tournaments tend to have a time and date for starting. Online casinos do not.