New Zealand is home to a lot of things and exploration would be the perfect recipe. Out of the long list of options, visiting beaches and casinos could be the perfect match. On one side, you get to visit some scenes from nature, and on the other, you can experience man-made creations. This particular combination is the ideal vacation plan, and you will never regret your decision. So, to give a better idea about the same, here are some top beaches and casinos that you need to see in New Zealand.


Maitai Bay, Northland


Starting things off in style will be the ideal plan for understanding nature. Beaches need to be on that list, and you will understand things when you have a look at Maitai Bay. The place is clean and exotic, opening the door for a long list of activities. From adventure sports to leisure time, Maitai Bay is the right place.

Ninety Mile Beach


Although the name suggests ninety miles, reality states only 55 miles. But that will be the last thing on your mind, once you visit Ninety Mile beach. Whether you want to go surfing or bodyboarding, this beach will be the best location for all your activities. The iconic visuals might not be as appealing as Maitai Bay but will leave an impact on your mind.


ChristChurch Casino


A bit of gambling would be excellent to bring back the energy you lost from all that heat. So, the next destination needs to be casinos and what better place than the first casino in New Zealand. The ChristChurch Casino was opened in 1994 and is the right place to spend your evening. From classic gambling games to delicious meals, the place is a safe haven for everything.

SkyCity Casino


Auckland’s SkyCity Casino is another major attraction for all the right reasons. It was opened in 1996 and contains top features that boost everything that a casino requires. With more than 1000 table games and 1600 gambling machines, you might be confused about where, to begin with. So, if you are a gambler, then this place can be called your paradise.


When you consider these venues and destinations, you will hit the right mark on an adventure. In the morning, you can enjoy the waves at these beaches, and in the evening you can enjoy the loud cheer of gambling. This mix is essential if you are planning on getting the right break. The hectic work schedule should not be the only thing in life since monotonous activities tend to consume you throughout. Hence, grab a bag and hit the road to New Zealand.