Are you a new punter to the New Zealand online casino looking for the best option to deposit their cash? Then, you do not need to worry. There are several available options to deposit cash conveniently to your online casino account. To play and win real money, you have to deposit cash to your account and use it for winning.

These options are straightforward to use and reliable. You have a guarantee for the safety of your money, and the process is speedy. Fortunately, the options are varied and even have deposit options and banking methods to deposit any funds to your account. We have compiled the top best deposit methods and banking options here. Check them out and choose the most convenient for you.

1. Use of Credit Cards

Credit cards are the fastest options for depositing funds to your online casino accounts. It is also very convenient since most online casino sites have it as their banking mode for all their payment. The security is also guaranteed, and it would be best if you use it when you want to play real money casino games.

Credit cards are secured by an advanced technology used by world banking systems known as Secure Socket Layer encryption. Visa and MasterCard are the major global credit cards. They have the highest levels of security, which cannot be compromised.

The use of credit cards is also free and fast. It will only take seconds for your deposit to be processed. The best part of using a credit card is that it has a very high limit allowing you to deposit huge cash. The process is hassle-free and successive deposits are made easier by using a 3-digit security pin on your card.

2. Use of POLi

POLi is the most popular deposit option for New Zealand players in an online casino. It is the best, reliable, and fast method to deposit your cash into your account. Most online casino sites list it as one of their payment methods on the banking page. To use the service, you need to register free of charge and apply for your bank’s online banking service.

The process is quicker because you do not need any credit card to complete the transaction. The deposit is automatically sent to your account from the bank within seconds. However, POLi is not a withdrawal option to get your wins from the casino sites. It makes it easy to deposit your cash, but you cannot use it to withdraw the winnings.

The process of depositing cash using POLi is illustrated below:

• Find the cashier casino section on the site.

• Click the POLi logo on the online casino site.

• Follow instructions given on the pop-up window.

• Type the amount you want to spend

• Confirm the amount

• You will then be redirected to the POLi official website, where you can click to complete the transaction.

POLi has very high-security measures to keep your funds safe and make the transaction process seamless.

3. Use of Neteller

Neteller is used mostly by New Zealand players to deposit their cash on kiwis’ online casino sites. It is very beneficial to the users since it gives you convenient depositing options and withdrawal methods. Neteller is an e-wallet and makes your depositing hassle-free and fast.

You will sign up for free for you to use the service. Before you make a deposit, it would be best to check the availed options in your favourite casino sites to use. The process for making a deposit using Neteller is:

• Go to the banking section on the online casino site.

• Click on the Neteller logo provided

• Enter the amount you wish to deposit

• Include the 12-digit account number that you have

• Enter your 6-digit ID number

• Confirm if the information you have provided is accurate

• Complete the transaction

The deposit process will take only a few seconds. The cash will be deposited to your online casino account, and you can immediately start using it for gaming. However, the withdrawal process takes between two hours to a maximum of two days to be completed.

Opening an account with Neteller is free. You will then connect your account to your bank to transact money from your bank account to your Neteller account. It is possible by the use of Ukash, iDeal, and GiroPay.

4. Use of Paypal

There are still very few online casinos in New Zealand using PayPal. However, PayPal is very popular for making deposits to your online casino account with ease. It is a third-party e-wallet method that you can use to make money transactions online. It is very secure and makes many online casinos prefer it for their banking payment methods.

You can join PayPal quickly using your email address, credit card, or a valid bank account. To open an account, visit the PayPal website and use a valid address to create an account. You need to fund the account by transacting money from your bank account or visa card attached to the PayPal account. There are several options of money wire transfer you can use to deposit money to your PayPal account. They include:


• Master card

• VISA debit

• Maestro debit

Depositing to your online casino account is quick and easy. You will find the PayPal option on the banking section of your preferred casino site with PayPal. When you click on it, you will go to the PayPal website to make and complete the transaction. Fill in all the required information from the PayPal site and confirm the transaction. Your cash will be transferred in seconds to your online casino account. You can start using the deposit instantly.

5. Use of Paysafecard

You can use this convenient deposit option when you do not want to use your debit or credit card. It makes it easy for people who do not have credit and debit cards to play online games. Therefore, it is a versatile payment option that many people use to make cash deposits to online casinos.

The system uses a pre-paid option giving you the power to control your deposits and make it easier to track all your casino transactions. It does not allow for sharing financial information with casino sites, making it the most secure deposit method into your casino account. Using Paysafecard to deposit your fund gives you the best security and easy way to complete your transactions.

When you have credit on the Paysafecard, it is stored for later use since it is retained on the card. You can also add up to ten cards to use for your deposit options. The process of making any payment with Paysafecard is easy and only requires you to enter your unique 16-digit PIN.

Paysafecard cards are bought in denominations of $10, $20, $50, or $100. It is very safe, and you do not waste time entering pieces of information to make a simple deposit. The process includes:

• Go to the banking page of your favourite casino.

• Choose and enter the amount of cash you want to deposit

• Select Paysafecard as your deposit option

• Enter 16-digit pin

• Click done

You will immediately receive funds into your online casino account.


Depositing cash to your online casino account is fast, reliable, and convenient by using these available options. Make your deposit and start playing to make real cash.