The rise of gambling can only be related to the development of casinos since that’s where things began. Before online gambling, casinos were here to make people go crazy. The amount of fun and excitement that one receives from this place cannot be valued and also happens to be the main reason why people keep coming. This feeling is common all around the world, at least for places that have legalised the activity. New Zealand is one such place and has also seen a rapid rise in demand. An essential reason behind this is the growth of casinos and how they have become some of the top paying casinos. So, as a form of tribute, here are some of the best casinos in New Zealand.

Skycity Casino


Auckland’s Skycity Casino is one name that pops up on the minds of every tourist. People who visit this place are well aware of this enormous casino and keep asking for directions. It is located at the world’s tallest sky tower and contains over 150 table games for you to play. With over 2100 gaming machines, this casino is also one of the most crowded places that you will find in the entire region. The packages that they offer are affordable and is considered to be the right place for you to start your gambling adventures. So, if you are new to this activity, then Skycity Casino is the right place for you.

Dunedin’s Casino


Dunedin is another city in New Zealand that is located at the Otago Harbour on South Island’s south-eastern coast. Dunedin’s casino is a place that has gone under various changes and has come out as the perfect place to have some fun. Be it the aspects of design or games; there is always something attractive about this place which prevents you from leaving. Regardless of the various changes, the place still tends to bring back the old touch and charm that it once had. Hence, if you are looking for a place that is a combination of the times, then Dunedin’s casino is right here.

Hamilton Skycity Casino

Hamilton Skycity Casino

Overlooking the Waikato River, the Hamilton Skycity casino boasts of a scenic spot that is soothing to the eyes. Apart from the usual cheer of gambling, the place also hosts some classic events that is a treat for anyone who visits. These events occur once a year and bring a whole range of people from all around the world. Thanks to the massive demand, the place remains open for 24 hours all through the week. So, whether you want to roll some dice or a few cards, Hamilton Skycity casino will be at your service at all times. Hence, if you are planning on going for a tour of the casinos, then these three names are the ones that you shouldn’t miss.