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Use cryptocurrencies to get the most out of your casino bonuses!

Use cryptocurrencies to get the most out of your casino bonuses!

Using cryptocurrencies is a terrific method to maximize the value of your casino bonuses. Online gamblers can gain a lot from cryptocurrency, including lower costs, quicker transactions, and more privacy. We’ll explain how to use cryptocurrencies in this blog post so you can maximize your casino bonuses. 

What advantages does bitcoin offer you? 

There are many benefits to using cryptocurrencies when playing at online casinos. Let’s first talk about what cryptocurrency is in reality. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money made possible by cutting-edge encryption methods.

The decentralized control is used to secure the currency and provide verification of transactions. Any transactions are recorded in a blockchain, a shared ledger. The blockchain guarantees reliable recording of every transaction. In 2009, this cryptocurrency underwent its initial development as a substitute for fiat money. 

Using cryptocurrencies to get casino bonuses 

Since cryptocurrencies are rising in popularity, it should come as no surprise that casinos are beginning to reward users with bigger and better bonuses. The best option for getting an extremely large casino bonus is to use a cryptocurrency.

This is how you do it: Find a casino that provides incentives for cryptocurrencies first. Although there are some, not all of them are created equal. Before signing up with any casino, make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions. 

You must choose a cryptocurrency second. The most popular and well-known alternative is Bitcoin, although other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are also widely used. Third, create an account with a website for trading, such as Coinbase or CEX.IO. You can buy cryptocurrencies from these businesses using a credit or debit card. Next, deposit that money into your casino account. You may earn some tasty casino bonuses by following the quick and simple process. 

The benefits of cryptocurrency for online gamblers  

A digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security is called cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency’s organic character, which distinguishes it from other types of money and is probably what makes it so alluring, makes it potentially impervious to interference from or manipulation by governments. When utilized for deposits and withdrawals in online gambling, cryptocurrency provides several advantages over conventional fiat currencies. The anonymity of transactions is the main benefit. There is no requirement to give any personal information while making a deposit or withdrawal from an online casino using cryptocurrency. Although the media has significantly overstated the degree of anonymity provided to cryptocurrency users, it is nevertheless true that no one will be able to track your transactions. 

This can be very important for players from certain parts of the world where casino gambling is either illegal or highly regulated. The resistance to the confiscation of cryptocurrencies is another benefit. Cryptocurrency is fairly open, in contrast to its image of secrecy; it is still feasible to determine how and where transactions were done. 

Lower Fees 

Cryptocurrency is the best option to receive incredibly high casino bonuses because it has minimal expenses. When you take your earnings from a casino in conventional currency, you can have to spend a lot on withdrawal fees. However, transaction costs for cryptocurrencies are substantially cheaper. So, you can keep more of the money you’ve worked so hard for! 

Additionally, cryptocurrency-accepting casinos and shops welcome clients from throughout the world. Consequently, you can play and/or shop from anywhere in the world! 

Use cryptocurrencies to get the most out of your casino bonuses!

Faster transactions 

The greatest approach to obtaining substantial casino bonuses is using cryptocurrency because it provides speedier transactions. This makes it easier for you to take advantage of any special offers or promotions and to get your hands on the money you’ve won more quickly. Receiving your rewards via standard payment methods might frequently take days or even weeks, but not with cryptocurrency. 

Increased anonymity 

The greatest approach to receiving incredibly large casino bonuses is by using cryptocurrencies. This is because cryptocurrencies provide greater privacy. The casino cannot identify you or your location when you deposit into your account using cryptocurrency. This enables them to provide larger bonuses without worrying about suffering financial losses from chargebacks or fraud. 

For instance, some casinos may offer you a welcome bonus of 100% up to 1 BTC when you make a deposit using bitcoin. That is equivalent to $10,000 in free money! Additionally, a lot of casinos will double your initial deposit. 

The Best Mobile Slots to Play While Relaxing on the Beach

The Best Mobile Slots to Play While Relaxing on the Beach

Nowadays, you can enjoy your favourite casino sites in New Zealand, win huge prizes, and claim bonuses from nearly anywhere on a top smartphone casino website. It is easy for anyone to relax by the seaside or by spinning the reels. Mobile Casino Websites New Zealand offer you fun everywhere you go. Conveniently accessible while you get some much-needed rest from, say, the beach. So, kick back and win some money on these mobile slots at your next beach visit. 

The best mobile slots to play while relaxing on the beach 

Nowadays, you can enjoy your favourite casino sites in New Zealand, win huge prizes, and claim bonuses from nearly anywhere on a top smartphone casino website. It is easy for anyone to relax by the seaside or by spinning the reels. Mobile Casino Websites New Zealand offer you fun everywhere you go. Conveniently accessible while you get some much-needed rest from, say, the beach. So, kick back and win some money on these mobile slots at your next beach visit.


Slotomania is a mobile slot machine game developed by Scientific Games. You can play this game on any Android device. The game offers a huge collection of slots games including classic fruit machines, video poker, and progressive jackpots. The game also features bonus rounds where players can win free spins and cash prizes. 

Lucky Day Casino 

Lucky Day Casino is a casino slot game developed by NetEnt. The game offers a wide range of slot games including classic fruit machines and video poker. Players can choose between three different themes: Ocean, Jungle, and Space. The game also features a bonus round called the Lucky Wheel Bonus Round. In this round, players spin a wheel and try to match the numbers they land on to win prizes. 

Spin Palace 

Spin Palace is a mobile slot machine developed by IGT. The game offers a variety of slot games including classic fruity machines, video poker, scratch cards, and progressive jackpot slots. The game also features two bonus rounds: Free Spins and Cash Back. In the Free Spins round, players spin the reels until they get five or more matching symbols. If they do, they’ll receive 10 free spins. In the Cash Back round, players spin the wheel until they get a prize worth at least $10. 

Jackpot City 

Jackpot City is a mobile slot machine designed by Microgaming. The game offers a vast selection of slot games including classic fruits machines, video poker, keno, and progressive jackpot games. The game also features four bonus rounds: Free Spinning, Wild Reel, Scatter Symbols, and Multipliers. In the Free Spinning round, players spin the wheels until they get five or six matching symbols. If they get five, they’ll win a prize worth at least 50x their bet. In the Wild Reel round, players spin the reel until they get five or seven wild symbols. If they do, they’ll win big! 

Mega Moolah 

Mega Moolah is a mobile slot machine created by WMS Gaming. The game offers a massive collection of slot games including classic slot machines, video poker, progressive jackpot games, and scratch cards. The game also features three bonus rounds: Free Spinner, Wild Reel, and Scatter Symbols. In the Free Spinner round, players spin the spinner until they get five or eight matching symbols. If they got five, they’d win a prize worth at least 200x their bet. In Wild Reel, players spin the reel and if they get five or seven matching symbols, they’ll earn a prize worth at least 500x their bet.

Benefits of Mobile Casino Sites 

  1. Easy Accessibility-Mobile casino sites allow players to play their favourite games anywhere they want. Whether at home, at work or while travelling, mobile casinos offer convenience and accessibility. Players can access these games anytime, anyplace. 
  2. Convenience-With mobile casino sites, players have the option to choose what time they want to play. There’s no need to wait until the site opens. Instead, players can start playing whenever they feel like it. 
  3. Variety-Players can enjoy a variety of different games. These games range from slots to table games. In addition, some mobile casinos offer progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots are jackpot prizes that increase over time. 
  4. Security-Mobile casino sites provide security for players. All transactions are secure and protected using SSL encryption technology. 

Drawbacks of Mobile Casino Sites

  1. No privacy-The biggest drawback of mobile casino sites is that they lack privacy. Since these websites are designed to work on smartphones, they do not have any desktop versions. As a result, users cannot access them using their computers. In addition, since these websites are designed to be accessed via mobile devices, they are not compatible with many web browsers. This means that if you want to play online games, you need to use specific software.
  2. Slow loading speed-Another major disadvantage of mobile casino sites is the slow loading time. Most of these websites take a long time to load. This is especially true if you are accessing them from a smartphone. If you are trying to play a game while waiting for the website to load, you may end up losing interest in playing.
  3. Lack of security-Mobile casino sites lacks the same level of security as traditional casinos. Since they are accessible only via smartphones, hackers can easily gain access to user information. This makes it easier for criminals to steal money from players.
  4. Poor customer service-Many mobile casino sites offer poor customer service. You may find yourself having trouble getting help if you encounter technical problems. If you run into issues while playing, you may not get answers right away. 

Payment options at Mobile Online Casinos 

Gambling on a smartphone without depositing money doesn’t make sense. Mobile casinos don’t have any problems getting a lot of cash. Furthermore, several New Zealand mobile operators offer an array of payment modes. Kiwis are therefore free to use their preferred casino app on their mobile device. 

Payment methods include VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Maestro and many more. Since you will be playing on mobile, Google Pay and Apple Pay are also common options. Make sure to check what payment methods the slot you want to play accepts. 

The Best Casino Resorts Across the World

The Best Casino Resorts Across the World

A casino is where elite individuals squander their earnings and do not even care about others. Extraordinary, elegant and expensive casinos have existed for decades, entertaining both professionals and amateur players. If you believe the deluxe casino in Las Vegas is only suited to those with the highest standards, think again. Below I listed the best casinos around the world for free spins and free games.

Venetian Macau – China

Macau was a Portuguese colony from the 1600s until the 1990s when China returned to its land. The city today is widely called Monte Carlo of Oriental origin and is well known for its luxury resorts such as The Venetian. Venetian Macau is the world’s largest resort and the sixth largest building. Construction expenses totalled about C 2.25 billion. There are five million square feet of gambling space and a lot of recreational facilities available to the tourists during their stay. The building has been built according to the quasi-Venetian aesthetic, including canal and canoe rides.

Atlantis Resort & Casino, Paradise Island Bahamas

The Atlantis Resort & Casino is the world’s biggest casino and is certainly able to rival many of the best casinos in existence. It also hosts the most expensive rooms in the world. A night in the Bridge Suite costs around 25000 – the cost of the night. On the floor 78 game tables are available including Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker and Baccarat. The casino has almost 1,000 slots available. Why do casinos have such an immense reputation? The skylight and windows on the gaming surface give dramatic views of the beautiful coastline.

City of Dreams Macau – China

Source. Its construction costs have been reportedly estimated at $2.2 billion. It boasts 240 elegant restaurants, including the Jade Dragon Chinese cuisine starring chef Tam Kwang Fung. The casino’s gaming floor boasts more than 550 tables and 1.500 slot machines and is considered to be one of the world’s most important gambling venues. In addition, the hotel hosts an impressive water show called Houses of Dancing Water where 80 professionals stage a specific genre of theatrical performance in a pool with 3.7 million gallons of water.

Caesar’s Palace – Las Vegas Nevada

Source: The famous Caesars Palace opened in Las Vegas 50 years ago. It grew into a luxurious destination over the years and survived many scandals, financial crises and wars. Because Roman architecture is influenced by the building, a large mosaic site is surrounded by ancient Roman bathhouses and mosaic mosaics. Caesar’s Palace is situated on Las Vegas Strip and features an impressive gaming area covering more than 16,000 square feet, deluxe hotel rooms, excellent coffee houses and restaurants as well as an imposing Qua Baths & Spa.

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Of course, the famous Las Vegas strip predates itself as the most favoured place to play and has some of the best casinos on earth including Bellagio. The project is a famous casino resort that costs an incredible $885 million. The Bellagio opened its doors in 1988 and has since been a partner with The Leading Hotels of the World. Its spectacular rooms and suites begin with $400 a night, as well as the acclaimed casinos that include more than 1,000 slot machines and a large collection of table tennis tables.

Kurhaus Baden-Baden Germany

We leave the island and enter Europe before reaching Baden-Baden Kurhaus in Germany. It’s the oldest extravagant hotel-casino in Germany, or possibly in Europe too. It represents the real casino experience when mass tourism began to exist. The casino offers 329 gaming rooms with a total of 32289 square feet and has 113 slots. Guests can enjoy the therapeutic Mineral Spring and enjoy the spa. To get people into a new game parlour here is the official website for online blackjack in Germany.

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Although Marina Bay Sands isn’t the most prestigious resort hotel worldwide, Marina Bay Sands is the world’s second-most expensive casino with an estimate worth nearly $6bn. Singapore casinos are the most extensive Atrium on the planet, with more than 2,000 casino tables. If you get bored, you can swim at a 600 m Skypark on 57th Street offering breath-taking 360-degree views of the city. In addition, you can see a play in the grand theatre or see Marine Sand’s Science Museum.

Casino de Monte-Carlo – Monaco

The Monte Carlo Casino is the most extravagant resort in Europe. Situated near Monaco it looks like a royal house and is, therefore, a perfect spot for high rollers. This hotel is renowned for its Mediterranean atmosphere, with luxurious furnishings and unique designs. In addition to the hundreds of table games, there’ll be a world-class fashion show or a glass of Moet in the rooftop bar that offers a breath-taking view over the town.

SkyCity Casino

The best and largest casino in New Zealand is without a doubt SkyCity Casino. The casino, which is housed inside the five-star Grand Hotel, draws both locals and visitors. The casino features more than 1,700 well-liked pokies (slot machines), more than 100 table games, and a separate poker room. In addition to all of this, the venue has several eateries and cafes as well as other entertainment options, allowing guests to not only enjoy themselves while playing but also to unwind and enjoy a meal. If you enjoy a live setting, you should also check out their online casino, which allows players to use NZD.

Tips to Win at a Casino

Tips to Win at a Casino

Many casinos in the world operate both on the internet and in land-based casinos. With the help of the internet, it is easier to play casino games in the comfort of your home. In addition, many online casinos offer bonuses and promotions that you can use to increase your bankroll. Some of the most common casino bonuses available include free drinks, free food, cashback nights, free financing options, and even gift cards to play. No matter your preferred method for playing, there are many tips and tricks that you can use to win more at a casino. Be sure to keep track of your bonus and bonus payout so you know exactly what you have won compared to what you have spent.

1. What games to play and how to play them

“You cannot lose if you don’t play.” That’s what author Bob Herrin says in his new book The Go-Bet. He’s set a $10,000 limit on his contest. Casino cards allow players to risk up to that amount, but lower interest rates mean that most cards cost more than that. Some cards have no limits at all, meaning that they only risk what you’re willing to lose. The number on the screen (called your wager) determines what amount of money you’ll risk. The larger your wager, the more money you can expect to win. If a card offers what’s called a three-betting town or an “all-in” instant win, you have to risk more to win. But there are some easy ways to minimize how much money you’re risking. Placing limits on cards to paying them off to running comps, the experts at the blog are putting odds to the test to discover what works best.

Start with the Wager
The first step to winning at a casino is knowing the odds. The wager at a casino (called a “draw”) depends on two things: the amount you play (called the “stakes”) and the amount of money you risk. A 10-card draw is worth 1% of the face value (100 dollars) in chips. On a $200,000 game, that’s 1¢ per dollar. Tiny victory!
To win a larger amount at a casino, you have to play many hands of blackjack. At these larger tables, the prizes per hand are as big as the first three numbers of the pot (2, 8 and 32). Greater risks improve your chances of winning. By playing low-risk cards at a lower level, you may be able to make enough money to win three times in one trip.

2. Know your enemy: the house, that is!

If you’re playing a video game and you’re not sure who your enemy is, try to figure it out. If you play a game and you don’t know who you’re supposed to be fighting, then you’re not going to know how to win.

Playing Too High
If you are right, play that high, especially if you’re playing blackjack. The odds are heavily stacked against you if you’re a beginner, but remember, you can calculate the lowest number you can lose per hand. The odds are stacked, and the stakes are just as insignificant.

Not Raising Your Estimate
It comes down to scarcity, and as entrepreneurs, we should never overprice our services and products. If a novice wants to play a game or bet on the EPL, he should do so at the Midwest Gang Stalking Association, a partnership between St. Louis Gamblers and Nebraska Gamblers. Or he shouldn’t go to Vegas and buy whatever.
A novice really shouldn’t spend more than the amount of money for the lowest stakes. He should play it close to home. When I was 12, I lost $85, and I knew that I rarely play that game. It’s too risky, and I don’t spend any more than the minimum play.

Scoring Zero in Blackjack
I don’t think this is something that newbies should worry about, but some do. Some cheats get on video and watch until they’ve won a grand. But I’d hate to see someone lose $60,000 at Blackjack just for being on video. So much sure you play on Low-Stakes Racings at the casino.

High Stakes Pins
As I mentioned, I don’t like playing at the roulette tables because the high stakes of the games is not a gamble that I enjoy doing. Players can lose thousands, but because there are so many smaller stakes involved, it’s not as big of a gamble.

3. Be smart and follow some basic strategies to increase your chances of winning

Besides knowing your numbers, there are several other things you should know about casinos:
If you’re going to the casino, you need to know the rules.
Most casinos have different rules for different gamblers. For example, if you’re a beginner, you have a better chance at playing blackjack or flipping a coin with a friend, whereas a high roller might be allowed to play roulette. (Luckily you won’t be charged for playing these games.)
There’s a reason the slot machines you see at the casino are called ‘buzzers.’ These devices simulate the feel of playing a slot machine with actual ‘buzzers.’

How do you know if you’re playing the right kind of game? In general, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable experience. A beginner who’s nervous about playing craps has a greater chance of winning a free lunch than someone who’s a high roller. Similarly, low-roller gamblers usually enjoy themselves more than high-roller players.

The same rules apply to different kinds of games. For example, if you’re randomly selecting a house to buy, you need to know the rules for those specific games. Alternative strategies, such as choosing different houses to buy, will not increase your odds of winning and may lower your odds of winning a payoff.


Finally, don’t bet too much on one outlet. In general, casinos tend to offer at least two portfolios: one for new gamblers and one for regular gamblers. When the market shifts and most of the chips in the casinos run out, regular gamblers will get better deals than new players. (Eventually, when the market goes up again, regular gamblers will win more than new players do.)So there are some tips, but overall, even professionals lose money at casinos.

Casino Deposit Options

Casino Deposit Options

Are you a new punter to the New Zealand online casino looking for the best option to deposit their cash? Then, you do not need to worry. There are several available options to deposit cash conveniently to your online casino account. To play and win real money, you have to deposit cash to your account and use it for winning.

These options are straightforward to use and reliable. You have a guarantee for the safety of your money, and the process is speedy. Fortunately, the options are varied and even have deposit options and banking methods to deposit any funds to your account. We have compiled the top best deposit methods and banking options here. Check them out and choose the most convenient for you.

1. Use of Credit Cards

Credit cards are the fastest options for depositing funds to your online casino accounts. It is also very convenient since most online casino sites have it as their banking mode for all their payment. The security is also guaranteed, and it would be best if you use it when you want to play real money casino games.

Credit cards are secured by an advanced technology used by world banking systems known as Secure Socket Layer encryption. Visa and MasterCard are the major global credit cards. They have the highest levels of security, which cannot be compromised.

The use of credit cards is also free and fast. It will only take seconds for your deposit to be processed. The best part of using a credit card is that it has a very high limit allowing you to deposit huge cash. The process is hassle-free and successive deposits are made easier by using a 3-digit security pin on your card.

2. Use of POLi

POLi is the most popular deposit option for New Zealand players in an online casino. It is the best, reliable, and fast method to deposit your cash into your account. Most online casino sites list it as one of their payment methods on the banking page. To use the service, you need to register free of charge and apply for your bank’s online banking service.

The process is quicker because you do not need any credit card to complete the transaction. The deposit is automatically sent to your account from the bank within seconds. However, POLi is not a withdrawal option to get your wins from the casino sites. It makes it easy to deposit your cash, but you cannot use it to withdraw the winnings.

The process of depositing cash using POLi is illustrated below:

• Find the cashier casino section on the site.

• Click the POLi logo on the online casino site.

• Follow instructions given on the pop-up window.

• Type the amount you want to spend

• Confirm the amount

• You will then be redirected to the POLi official website, where you can click to complete the transaction.

POLi has very high-security measures to keep your funds safe and make the transaction process seamless.

3. Use of Neteller

Neteller is used mostly by New Zealand players to deposit their cash on kiwis’ online casino sites. It is very beneficial to the users since it gives you convenient depositing options and withdrawal methods. Neteller is an e-wallet and makes your depositing hassle-free and fast.

You will sign up for free for you to use the service. Before you make a deposit, it would be best to check the availed options in your favourite casino sites to use. The process for making a deposit using Neteller is:

• Go to the banking section on the online casino site.

• Click on the Neteller logo provided

• Enter the amount you wish to deposit

• Include the 12-digit account number that you have

• Enter your 6-digit ID number

• Confirm if the information you have provided is accurate

• Complete the transaction

The deposit process will take only a few seconds. The cash will be deposited to your online casino account, and you can immediately start using it for gaming. However, the withdrawal process takes between two hours to a maximum of two days to be completed.

Opening an account with Neteller is free. You will then connect your account to your bank to transact money from your bank account to your Neteller account. It is possible by the use of Ukash, iDeal, and GiroPay.

4. Use of Paypal

There are still very few online casinos in New Zealand using PayPal. However, PayPal is very popular for making deposits to your online casino account with ease. It is a third-party e-wallet method that you can use to make money transactions online. It is very secure and makes many online casinos prefer it for their banking payment methods.

You can join PayPal quickly using your email address, credit card, or a valid bank account. To open an account, visit the PayPal website and use a valid address to create an account. You need to fund the account by transacting money from your bank account or visa card attached to the PayPal account. There are several options of money wire transfer you can use to deposit money to your PayPal account. They include:


• Master card

• VISA debit

• Maestro debit

Depositing to your online casino account is quick and easy. You will find the PayPal option on the banking section of your preferred casino site with PayPal. When you click on it, you will go to the PayPal website to make and complete the transaction. Fill in all the required information from the PayPal site and confirm the transaction. Your cash will be transferred in seconds to your online casino account. You can start using the deposit instantly.

5. Use of Paysafecard

You can use this convenient deposit option when you do not want to use your debit or credit card. It makes it easy for people who do not have credit and debit cards to play online games. Therefore, it is a versatile payment option that many people use to make cash deposits to online casinos.

The system uses a pre-paid option giving you the power to control your deposits and make it easier to track all your casino transactions. It does not allow for sharing financial information with casino sites, making it the most secure deposit method into your casino account. Using Paysafecard to deposit your fund gives you the best security and easy way to complete your transactions.

When you have credit on the Paysafecard, it is stored for later use since it is retained on the card. You can also add up to ten cards to use for your deposit options. The process of making any payment with Paysafecard is easy and only requires you to enter your unique 16-digit PIN.

Paysafecard cards are bought in denominations of $10, $20, $50, or $100. It is very safe, and you do not waste time entering pieces of information to make a simple deposit. The process includes:

• Go to the banking page of your favourite casino.

• Choose and enter the amount of cash you want to deposit

• Select Paysafecard as your deposit option

• Enter 16-digit pin

• Click done

You will immediately receive funds into your online casino account.


Depositing cash to your online casino account is fast, reliable, and convenient by using these available options. Make your deposit and start playing to make real cash.

Highest Paying Casinos NZ

Highest Paying Casinos NZ

There are several online casinos where you can play in New Zealand. It would make sense to choose the best paying casinos to maximize your payout and enjoy your game best. To select an online casino, you need to be very keen and note the payout statistics included on the website. Therefore, you have no excuses but to do your homework thoroughly before settling to choose a casino.

The best statistics in New Zealand give an average percentage of payout for all the top casinos on the internet. These statistics are closely monitored by expert sites like eCOGRA who publish their research as links on the casino webpages. The links reflect all the percentage of wagers players have got in winnings during a specified period. Following the statistics keenly, you can find the top-paying casinos that you can play with and earn more cash.

However, big wins skew the statistics of the payout figure. You can achieve big wins by playing in jackpot slots and other promotions available to a casino game. Ensure you have listed all this information and then make an informed choice to the highest paying casino. Here are some of the key points to look for in a casino:

• Check the online casino games provided by the site.

• Check if the casino has a mobile gaming platform.

• Check the availability of percentage payouts and if they have a return to player policy.

• Check on the payment selections the site offers its players.

• Make sure the site is licensed and secure.

Highest Paying Casino Sites in New Zealand

After you have learned the tips for choosing the highest paying casino site, you should now check the best site for excellent gaming. Here are the highest paying online casinos in New Zealand.

Betway Casino

Betway is a top-rated casino gambling site. It has so much reputation in its quality service and reliable payouts. The site has partnered with the highly advanced software gurus known as Microgaming to give you the best services and various online games. You will be able to get top-notch online casino games that can be played by any online gambler.

There is a range of slot games on the site with an enhanced table game experience. They offer substantial welcome bonuses that will increase your chances of winning more cash. Playing with Betway gives you various payment options to guarantee quick cash out and convenient paying methods.

Highest Paying Casinos

Casimba Casino

The payout of Casimba stands at 97.2%. The site is new but has passed several other sites to become the best and increasing in popularity. It is currently considered one of the best on the internet for its friendly and straightforward user interface.

The site offers numerous unbelievable slots of paying games and jackpot games. You can use this site for all the slot games you want to play. There are also several casino games to be played that can give you quick cash. This wide selection of games also offers you huge bonuses you can use to earn more money while gaming. They have a secure payment option that is fast and convenient.

Dream Vegas

Dream Vegas casino rose to become the best online casino site in less than a year. With a payout rate of 97.4%, many gamers prefer to play numerous online games it offers. They have fast payment methods with a 100% guarantee of the win to experienced online gamblers.

You can play different slot games and other online games in the Dream Vegas. It is considered one of the luckiest casino sites you can play within New Zealand. Earn more cash and relish the user-friendly interface made by experts in developing the website.


PartyCasino is part of the great company that made the famous PartyPoker website. The website had dominated the internet poker market and gained popularity very fast. It is, however, still the best online gambling casino. They have an extensive range of online games that are in hundreds. You can access all these games with the added advantage of bonuses and high cash out. Their payout rate is 96.5%, and it’s fast and reliable.

It boasts of being the longest-running internet casino. With vast experience in the internet gambling world, you will not be compromised with the excellent service on the site.

Top Online Gaming Software Developers in New Zealand

Top gambling sites partner with leading software developers to ensure they provide quality services to online gamblers. It is through these quality partnerships with great software developers that you may relish excellent welcome bonuses and perfect customer service. The casino site company has to meet every gamer’s demands, provided through an ideal relationship and incredible website developing process.

Each casino software is unique and always has something different from another. It is made real by partnering with the best software in the market, such as Microgaming or NetEnt. These software developers always keep updating and releasing new software to help people enhance their gaming experience. All casino sites compete, and the best will have to go overboard and partner with the best developer to make sure they are outstanding and unique.

Rating The Best Online Gambling Software Providers

It would be best to rate the best gambling casino sites to choose the sites you would prefer. There are different categories for ranking casino software developers since they operate several services.

The perfect rates come from the company’s experience in developing online gambling websites. It is best to look at the developer’s history and their achievements over the years they have been in business. The company must have a rich history in providing websites that captivate and are easy to use. The success in former projects will reflect on their new projects. You will be guaranteed quality services from a developer who has vast experience in what they do.

Developers also receive awards from time to time in the annual awarding ceremony. The best online website developers have been rated high and receive several awards yearly. Their achievements show they are good at what they do, and you can trust them in providing the best services.

It would be best if you play first-class games with quality graphics and sound effects. The top-ranked casino providers in New Zealand include:

• NetEnt

• Microgaming

• Play’N Go

• Playtech

• Evolution Gaming

• Yggdrasil Gaming

• Novomatic

Loyalty Programs for Online Casinos in New Zealand

Casino rewards enhance the gaming experience and increase your chances of winning. It is a way to reward players since they are loyal to the site and play consistently. Best rewards attract more players and entice players to sign up and play with a particular site. There are several from signing up to the existing players.

The rewards are given in terms of bonuses, free spins, cashback, and more defined from the points you get. As you earn more points, you earn more real cash. Bonuses are given from the time a new player signs up to a gambling site. The welcome bonus is given in rates differently according to sites. It would be best to sign with the site that offers the highest welcome bonus.


The highest paying casino sites are several. Please research well before you settle to start playing with a casino site. Consider all the information provided here and you will relish all your online games and earn real money.

The Best Online Slot Games in New Zealand

The Best Online Slot Games in New Zealand

New Zealand and Australian Residents are big gamblers. On average, New Zealanders who gamble spend an average of $41 per month on gambling. New Zealand’s spread their gambling over lotto, horse racing, telebingo and scratch off tickets. There are also 6 physical casinos in Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton, and two in Queensland. Oddly, off-line casinos are not legal in New Zealand despite being the bulk of the gambling business. Instead, New Zealanders who wish to play slot machines away from the six physical casinos are at the mercy and relegation of where they are regulated. In the world of online casinos, there are 13 countries or regions that regulate casinos, the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, the British Island of Alderney, the crown dependency of the Isle of Man, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Panama, Costa Rica and the Kahnawake Mohawk Tribe in Quebec, Canada. Of all the countries that regulate, the best are from Malta and the UK, with Denmark, Estonia, and the Island of man the best. Perhaps the worst are those casinos from Panama and Costa Rica, who don’t regulate at all. New Zealand residents are allowed to gamble at UK Gambling Commission registered sites.

Why we emphasize licensing

We go through licensing so thoroughly because when we are writing about The Best Slot Games in New Zealand, we are talking about the best slot games in the UK or Malta. The dirty secret of online casinos is whether they really will payout or not. The internet is littered with online casino stories about how people have signed up for a casino, met all of the gambling requirements, and then denied payment with paltry excuses such as “you have duplicate accounts at our casino” or similar garbage. To avoid extreme disappointment with your online gambling experience we highly recommend two things:

  • 1. Consider gambling only with the UK or Malta Licensed Casino
  • 2. Only gamble at those casinos which have a eCongra seal. eCongra stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, and independent testing company based in the UK which checks fairness of the online casino’s games, their banking encryption software and the casinos operating procedures. If you see an eCongra symbol at the bottom of a casinos website, that is your insurance, over and above the licensing requirements, that the casino operates above board.

Top Games to Play We chose five of the best online slots out there best on

  • Those with the best odds and payout
  • Those with the best jackpots
  • Popularity

#1 Cleopatra

Produced by IGT, Cleopatra was first a physical slot machine and is still found at many popular casinos. This is a 5 reel, 2o pay line slot that provides a good Return to Player percentage of 95.02 per cent. There are plenty of opportunities to garner up to 15 free respins at a time, and when you hit on those respins, you are normally paid a triple payout. The maximum payout is 10,000 times! It’s also possible during respins to trigger further respins with the maximum respins capped at 180. The two symbols you are looking for the most are Cleopatra herself and the Sphinx symbol which can trigger free respins. Other symbols will trigger up to 750x your stake on that line, along with others that pay 400, 25o, 125 and 100. The graphics are crisp, and the music is tolerable although I prefer to play without the sound.

#2. Mega Moolah

You may wonder why a slot with only 88.12 per cent Return to Player is doing on a list of the best slots to play. The answer is, this African Savannah-based game has huge jackpots. MegaMoolah, produced by Microgaming has three jackpots, one a guarantee of $100+, a Major Jackpot of $10,000 plus, and a Mega jackpot of over 1 million dollars. Mega Moolah holds the record for the largest jackpot with 13 million pounds, almost 16.9 million dollars. Unfortunately, MegaMoolah is not available as a free game unless you go through the hoops of signing up at an online casino because of the progressive nature of the jackpots. Never the less, playing the game for fun is a real thrill, just knowing that you too could be the next millionaire as those progressive jackpots build. And the maximum coin bet, 6.25 pounds is sort of a delight compared to machines that will take up to £100 or more at a throw.

#3. Gonzo’s Quest

I’ve got to say this is one of the most fun slot games I’ve played. The game is an Aztec wall, which if you get the right symbols opens up and lets Gozo the conquistador, go through to another land. Their free falls start dropping down, and the wins roll up big. I give this game 5 stars just for the imaginative way the play takes place. The return is great, 96 per cent, and you can win up to 2,500 times your stake.

#4. Real Rush

Real Rush from NetEnt is a classic slot with 3,125 ways to win. The maximum jackpot is only 1,000 coins but who cares. On my 5th turn of the reels, I won 1500 coins on 5 respins, so it is possible to do well on this candy-themed slot. I never acquired 5 strawberries which net you a thousand coins, but the game played easily, and the graphics were crisp. And at a return to player of 97 per cent. this one is a subtle but powerful contender.

#5. Starburst

Starburst might be the oldest game on this list, but it still features on many of the highest paying casinos in New Zealand. Available from Net Entrainment, many casinos use free spins on Starburst as part of their promotions and bonuses. Even though the game has no progressive jackpot, no bonus rounds, and a max of 3 respins, players keep returning to it because of its classic simplicity and the fact that you can win both ways on the play, which builds up a lot of small wins fast. And if you get really lucky, you can max out at 50,000 coins per win. I did well on Starburst, and were Gonzo’s Quest not available, would probably choose this as a second alternative due to its high RTP of 97 per cent.

Best Casino Games On The Go

Best Casino Games On The Go

Exploring New Zealand and you need the very best online gambling apps while on the run? If this is true, then this is the perfect article for you. In this article, we will cover 4 of the most popular online casinos available in New Zealand. Each one of these offerings can be used on your phone as you travel around. These casino apps are not just popular, but they are some of the most highly reviewed offerings that you can find. This list of mobile casinos perfect for people in New Zealand will consist of data from customers who have left reviews, but also information from industry pros who track online casinos. This is a list of the top 4 mobile casinos for people in New Zealand.

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City Casino is a popular casino and poker app that has a 4.89-star rating, this means that it is popular and that its user loves it. What do Jackpot City Casino users love about this app? One of the first things that you see user claim they enjoy is how quick payout speeds are compared to some other apps. The payout speed of Jackpot City is only 2 days. Another important factor that reviewers mention is their 97.79% win rate. With such a high win rate, users are sure to have a great time and will use the fast 2-day payout speed. One more factor is the huge welcome bonus of $1600, which is one of the most generous bonuses that can be found from an online casino. Other factors that make this site popular is that it has over 500 top casino games, progressive jackpots, and fast deposits.

Spin Casino

What is there to say about Spin Casino that has not been saying before? It is always listed within the top 3 of New Zealand friendly mobile casino apps. The customer service always receives high marks with access via live chat, telephone and email. The win rate is a high 97.69% and corresponds to high usage of their 1-3 day withdrawals. How many games does Spin Casino have? Spin markets over 700 topnotch games to keep you entertained and in profit. They offer a myriad of ways to deposit funds. Spin markets that they pay out over $5 million in prizes daily. A go-to site for anyone in New Zealand searching for a reliable and credible online casino app.


So far, BET AMO has the largest amount of online casino games listed. They advertise over 2400 games which include poker, blackjack, slots, baccarat and all your favourite games. What are the details? A payout speed of 1-5 days. A high win rate of 97.83%, live casino games with competition 24/7, and a special VIP Club for frequent users. They accept all major forms of payment that casino sites are known to accept. Receive an instant bonus of NZ$ 300 when you sign up today. The customers are not wrong, this mobile casino has a 4.86-star rating out of a possible 5 stars. Users of this mobile casino have found what they are looking for, and continue to use this casino day after day.


One does not need to travel to the United States to get the experience of Los Vegas because all it takes is downloading the LeoVegas app and right from New Zealand you are tapped into a well-loved and well-reviewed casino site that has all the games you want to play. The first thing that must be done is signing up and getting your $500 welcome bonus. If you need any information, just talk to their 24/7 customer service that is always there to help. Many reviews say that this app has the best mobile experience with smooth, fast and slick gameplay. It does not matter if you are a poker player, blackjack or slots machine player, they have over 2000 casino games. Their deposit methods include VISA, Netteller, Skrill, Paysafe, and Trustly. LeoVegas has scratchcards, roulette and even more games.

When in New Zealand and searching for proper mobile casinos, these are some of your best choices. For poker players looking to bluff and take down many hands, each one of these casino sites has what you are looking for. From heads-ups poker to short-hand and full table poker, they have the game for you. Their blackjack tables offer all of the popular variations as well as some customized offerings with new options, rules and ways to win. Some of these have scratched off and other instant win games. For the fans of classic table games found in live casinos all over the globe, they will not be disappointed with the roulette, baccarat and other classic games. So, these sites have a little bit for everyone.

The Best Online Casinos in New Zealand

The Best Online Casinos in New Zealand

As early as 1830, New Zealand has documented gambling, but it was not until 1980 when the parliament approved casinos and lotteries. The first casino opened in 1994. According to the Gambling Act 03, unless authorized by the government, any type of gambling is prohibited. The Kiwi Law states that it’s illegal to gamble at any New Zealand based online casinos. Nonetheless, anyone of legal age can gamble at online casinos if they are based outside the country. The players don’t have to pay income tax, and they retain 100% of the won amount.

For the New Zealanders, there are several online casinos they have taken up to, both the pros and the amateurs.

Spin Casino

If you are new to online casinos or you are bored with the same old predictable sites, then it is time you visit Spin Casino for an exciting adventure. Here, the gaming world is fast-changing and dynamic.

Upon the registration of a new account, the user gets 50 free spins that are exclusive to the Pokie Mystical Zodiac. Unlike other sites, the free spins are instant, and you can claim the free bonus by registering the account. The winnings from the free spins can only be claimed if you have deposited at least $10. You can claim a maximum of $20 from the 50 spins.

For the initial deposit and two subsequent ones, Spin Casino matched the deposits up to but not exceeding $1000. To get this bonus, deposit an amount exceeding $20. You will be credited with the 100% bonus immediately. Before withdrawing any winnings, they have to be wagered 50 times.

The spin casino also offers live casino for those seeking an extra thrill. The VIP club has six levels, and as you advance, you experience better perks and more bonuses. The levels are Platinum, Silver, Bronze, Gold, Prive, and Diamond.

Jackpot City

For high-quality casino games, this is the place to be. The flashy designs and vibrant colours are just a perfect mimicry of the Las Vegas look. This casino narrowly missed out on being one of the top paying NZ casinos.

Regardless of your levels of expertise, budget, or preferences, Jackpot City has titles going well over several hundred. This way, there is something for every player. With about 400 titles spread over all major categories, the casino has found of way of providing the games in varied features and themes. Therefore, most games have well rewarding bonuses or progressive jackpots.

This site is popular because exclusive game titles are available. Also, it operates from a stable platform that is well established in the business. For the thrill-seekers, the casino offers dedicated real dealers where the players can pit their wits. To ensure quality streaming and top-notch experience, the site uses the latest technology. The VIP program is a platform for rewarding, loyal, and consistent players on the site.

Each player earns loyalty points with every cash wager, and the total points act as a determinant for which tier the player holds. Earned points can be redeemed in promotions or for cash. However, after 90 days, all unredeemed points expire. For customer service, the customer can instantly get professional help through live chat support or emails. But, Jackpot City lacks direct phone line customer service.

Ruby Fortune Casino

With well over 500 exclusive micro gaming titles, the casino has an outstanding loyalty program, in which the VIP players are a major beneficiary. ECogra, a renowned gaming auditor, regularly checks the games on this site.

For the gamers at ruby fortune casino, the games are exclusively from Evolution Gaming and Micro gaming.

The live casino is hosted by Evolution Gaming to ensure that the players experience a wide variety of the top-ranked live dealer games. Gamers have a lot to choose from, given that all the live games offer different stakes, and the roulette and blackjack tables have different rules.

With the VIP program, players get through tiers by earning a specific number of points monthly. Highest ranking tiers offer exclusive promos, point’s boosters, and superior bonuses. At the platinum level, a player has faster withdrawal processing, exclusive VIP promos, and a personal account manager.

Depending on your query, you can contact the support centre through emails, the phone, or via the live chat button.

Mr Play Casino

This online casino offers well over 400 game titles, but they are primarily focusing lies on the slots lobby. The platform offers blackjack, online slots, roulette, a live casino, and poker.

This casino is popular for the generous welcome bonuses. After the first deposit of $10, the player earns 100% going up to $200 and 100 free spins. The bonus money can be used immediately in any game. The free spins can also be used at new game releases.

A player earns points towards the VIP club every time they play at the casino, and they are immediately gain access if they begin to play at any one of the high roller online casinos. The points earned can win prizes, and they also contain extra benefits. As part of the registration process, the player is automatically registered as a VIP.

If you are an adrenaline junkie and you like living in the fast lane, Mr Play’s online casino is where you should be. With ten live casino games, a player can jump right into it like they would at an actual casino. If you like getting your action on the go, Mr Play has an app that is compatible with most android and apple devices. This way, you can enjoy your games from anywhere, and it is just as seamless as using a browser, if not better.

The casino offers over ten payment methods to suit all the players. However, there are withdrawal time limits for certain platforms. For instance, if you use e-wallets, the limit is twenty-four hours, while credit/debit cards and wire transfers have time limits ranging from 3-5 days.

It is important to note that the casino can revoke bonuses in the event of suspicious activities with malicious intent. Players must consent to the bonus agreement before they can receive their complete bonuses.

The Most Popular Casino Games In New Zealand

The Most Popular Casino Games In New Zealand

The first part of this blog is designed to give you insights on how to play five of the most popular casino games in New Zealand. The second part is designed to illustrate how these games relate to the residents , and why they are so popular.

The Five Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand


A lot of beginning players want to learn how to play. That way they can join in the fun. It is an easy-to-learn game. Now, there might be different variations(of the game), but the basics remain the same. There are two ways to win a hand: a) You could either bluff your way through it(a lot of players do that, even when they should not). What you do(basically) is to try and force the other player’s hands. We do not suggest bluffing unless you know what you are doing. Many have tried before and have been burned badly. b) The second way to win is to have the best hand at the end. This is after all but two other players have folded. You want the best five-card hand. Now, we are going to talk about the types of hands that compete against one another. Some of them will win, while others will lose. a) A Royal Flush: You could have anything from the Ace-Ten (they all have to be the same suit, though). b) You could have a Straight Flush(which is 4-8. They all have to be of the same suit, once again. c) You could have a Four-of-a-Kind (which is Ace-4-4-4-4). d) You might have a Straight(which is an 8-4). This hand can be of various suits. e) You could have a Full House(some people call it a Boat). You need three Aces and two Jacks. There is a lot more to go over. You can visit bicyclecards basics of poker.


The main goal is to beat the dealer without cards that go over 21. This feat might seem impossible, but it is not. You just have to know what you are doing. The face cards are worth about ten apiece. The Ace is worth either one or eleven. Players begin with two cards. Point of interest: One of the dealer’s cards is hidden until the end. You can either hit or stand. To “hit” means to ask for another card. To “stand” is to hold your hand until the end and end your run. Say, for example, you do go over 21. You will bust, and the dealer wins no matter what the hand is. Say, for example, you are dealt an Ace and a Ten. You have Blackjack. There is an entire Blackjack strategy that you can read about at bicyclecards how to play blackjack.


The game is played on a wheel. There are 38 slots and the table alternates between black and red. Below you will find some examples of inside and outside bets. Inside a) There is the straight bet. That means you are betting that one number is going to come up. You place the chip on that number. You win if the wheel comes up on that number(the odds are 35-1). b) There is a split bet. That means you choose two numbers sitting next to one another and place a bet. You will win if either number is chosen by the wheel. The odds are 17-1. Outside Bets a) There is the red bet. That means you bet on the colour red, regardless of the number. Winners are paid even money( usually 1 to 1). b) There is a black bet. The same rules you follow on red apply here. c) There are low and high bets. Low betting is when you pick 1-18. The high bet is when you pick 19-36.

Video Poker

Keep in mind, that these rules apply to Jacks or Better Video Poker. You can see a more extensive outline of the general rules is the site below. a) You begin by selecting the number of credits you want. You take those credits and make a wager on 1-5. The computer deals you five cards. You pick the ones you want and discard the rest for two new cards. b) The final hand determines whether you win or lose. You should only draw four cards if you have one high card. You do not draw anything if you have anything from a Straight Flush to a Royal Flush. You can read more on video poker at poker news here.

French Roulette

This link from poker news is going to give you most of the information you need if you are a beginner. The story behind French Roulette relates to Blaise Pascal. He was trying(in vain) to create the ultimate perpetual motion machine. It made its way across the waters to America. They changed some of the rules and tables. They also made changes to the house got the edge. The one difference between the French and American versions is the percentage of the house edge. The French version has 1.35%, while the American version has a 5.26% edge. Once again, visit the link above to find out more.

Why Are Casino Games Popular In New Zealand?

Some of these tips are for beginners, while others are for every player.

1) You do not have to travel to play. You can sit in the comfort of your home and play an intense game without having to move. Online tournaments are intense, to begin with. The last thing someone wants is to travel with that anxiety building.

2) Say, for example, you live in New Zealand and want to play a poker tournament at a top paying casino. Did you know the entrance fees are much lower than going to a land-based casino in New Zealand? Some players are learning the ropes. Players want to be able to play for practice without losing real money. It is great if you want to play for fun using a fake tournament. Players need those skills if they are going to play in a real game. Online games give you chances. It is ideal for beginners. You can start to play with real money when you are ready.

3) Some sites offer virtual money. Once more, it is a great way for beginners to learn. Fake money(virtual money) has no bearing in the real world. All this status does is provide an outlet for learning without the intensity that comes from a real game.

4) There is less pressure when you play with fake money(the ideal move for beginners). Some sites do offer a friendly version of the games. That way New Zealanders can take their time.

5) Land-based casino tends to close down after a certain time. Online casinos do not. You can play games anytime you like. That makes it ideal for night owls. Land-based tournaments tend to have a time and date for starting. Online casinos do not.

Spinions Beach Party Video Slot Review

Spinions Beach Party Video Slot Review

Spinions Beach Party Video Slot is the game that you are familiar with when you talk about online slots. This casino game requires you to select a particular number on the screen, move the wheel towards the center of the slot game, and the slots in the form of squares on the wheel will be rotated. You need to hit the corresponding numbers to win the jackpot. The most significant advantage of this slot game is that it is one of the best slots to play online.

In most cases, people who are into online casinos prefer to use free games so that they do not have to be concerned about dropping their money. This is also the case for this game because the Spinions Beach Party Video Slot game provides you with unlimited chances to win massive jackpots.

Spinions Beach Party Video Slot allows you to play one hundred eight cash-in games in one month. The disadvantage of playing this game with the help is that the player will get to win only the amount of money that he has deposited into the game. This means that the gambler may lose all his money if he is caught up with a low balance at the end of the month.

This online casino game is the only online slots game that is offering the possibility of gambling without a registration fee. However, the advantage of this game is that the customer can also withdraw funds as well as deposit them at any time.

Here are some of the advantages that you can enjoy by being a part of this online casino. One of the benefits is that you will get to save your money because this casino offers a wide range of games that include those that require small deposits. You can choose which game you want to play based on your budget and preferences.

As mentioned earlier, you get to win jackpot prizes when you play the game, and if you win a jackpot prize, you get to keep it. You will also find that the play bonus is exceptionally beneficial because it gives you extra benefits and cash rewards for using this game.

The Spinions Beach Party Video Slot game also gives you the chance to play all kinds of video slot games with ease. The graphics of the game are unique and will leave you amazed and enthralled. The jackpot prizes are great, and you will surely come across the dream of winning a big jackpot prize now and then.

There are many of the online casinos that offer this game with its innovative design that allows you to watch exciting movies while you play. This is a wonderful way to pass the time if you want to enjoy a short break from your hectic schedule.

You also have the choice of choosing to play one hundred twenty-eight cash-in games in one month from one of the online casinos that offer you free spins. This game gives you the chance to experience what it is like to win huge jackpots.

If you are into online casinos and you want to play with a big jackpot prize, then you should consider going with the Spinions Beach Party Video Slot game. It is one of the best games that can give you the best gaming experience.

Although it is one of the best for this casino game, there are still some disadvantages that you need to be mindful of before you start playing. The biggest drawback is that this game does not offer you a bonus and this means that you will need to spend more money on the game to earn more.

Other online casinos offer bonuses for this game, and this is the best way to play it. The advantages of playing this game are plenty, and you will surely enjoy this game if you are ready to pay a little more to play it.

If you are wondering what Spinions Beach Party Video Slot should be paid out at, you need to read this article. I’ll give you a review of the casino at Spinions Beach, and it is advantages and disadvantages. We will also discuss payouts. This is what you need to know.

Gambling is a genuine problem, and many people suffer from the consequences. If you would like to find out about the casino at Spinions Beach, then read on. What you need to do is remember what I said in the beginning, you must understand my introduction.

Before the casino opens its doors, we are all at risk of losing money. Now, therefore I am writing this article.

The only casino that does not use an offshore casino is this one, and you need to understand the advantages. So, what are these advantages?

These advantages are worth remembering: If you are good enough, you can get big payouts. It is worth noting that you can even win one hundred times what you bet on Spinions Beach Video Slot.

The payouts are good because there are many players here. You will notice that when the casino is busy, it attracts many people, you can increase your chances of winning by playing many games.

Spinions Beach does not have an entrance fee. You must know that casinos have a place where you can deposit money in, that is the deposit account.

One more thing that you need to understand is that there are no entry or payment methods for the casino. That means you do not have to wait a long time before you can win.

The payment methods are also amazingly simple. That is why this casino has many players because they want to win and have fun.

Finally, I would like to say that Spinions Beach has some disadvantages. There are times when the players lose big money, and this is because they do not realize what they are doing; they do not play in large amounts, and they do not go on the “crying spree.”

This means that they are not enthusiastic about the game, and their willingness to win is not high. Hence, you need to be prudent when selecting your casino.

All About Gambling in New Zealand

All About Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling is one of those activities that has witnessed the sight of demand to a large extent. With the introduction of unique games, people tend to run into casinos and other places to play a few games. The same demand has created various needs and requirements in different places of the world, particularly in New Zealand. The gambling scene in New Zealand is quite different and holds another approach altogether. So to bring the real story into the big picture, here are specific points that talk about gambling in New Zealand.

1. The Rise

As mentioned earlier, the demand for gambling is not something that is immune to New Zealand. In fact, the country has witnessed a steady rise in its popularity, and people are looking forward to gambling at high paying casinos in and around the country. From lottery products to sports betting, all types of gambling-related activities are carried out here in full swing. For some, it is a habit while others only intend on having fun with the activity.

2. Gender Ratio

In the beginning, gambling was predominantly a male activity, since they were the first ones to come out and start playing. But by the end, women caught up and came forward to start things for them. Today, the gender ratio for men and women in gambling is not far away from each other since the activity is accepted wholeheartedly. This social acceptance has lead the way forward, and people are excited about the same. But apart from that, there are also particular reasons why people tend to gamble.

3. The Reason Behind Demand


Regardless of the gender, the main reason why people gamble is to earn the right kind of money by playing. This particular attitude is common all across the world and is the main factor behind this large demand. But it is not right to say that it is the only reason because it also depends upon an individual. So, apart from money, people also gamble for entertainment, as it keeps them occupied. It is one of the best activities that help you socialise by meeting new people and having an active life. Through time, it tends to become a habit for some and even goes into levels of addictions.

4. Expenses

Another factor that also rises with demand is the concept of expenses and the amount of money you will eventually spend on the activity. By researching facts, it is quite clear that women spend around $30 and men spend about $52 on the activity. These figures are stated on a monthly basis, and they depict a huge amount when it comes to the end of the year.

The Best Casinos in New Zealand

The Best Casinos in New Zealand

The rise of gambling can only be related to the development of casinos since that’s where things began. Before online gambling, casinos were here to make people go crazy. The amount of fun and excitement that one receives from this place cannot be valued and also happens to be the main reason why people keep coming. This feeling is common all around the world, at least for places that have legalised the activity. New Zealand is one such place and has also seen a rapid rise in demand. An essential reason behind this is the growth of casinos and how they have become some of the top paying casinos. So, as a form of tribute, here are some of the best casinos in New Zealand.

Skycity Casino


Auckland’s Skycity Casino is one name that pops up on the minds of every tourist. People who visit this place are well aware of this enormous casino and keep asking for directions. It is located at the world’s tallest sky tower and contains over 150 table games for you to play. With over 2100 gaming machines, this casino is also one of the most crowded places that you will find in the entire region. The packages that they offer are affordable and is considered to be the right place for you to start your gambling adventures. So, if you are new to this activity, then Skycity Casino is the right place for you.

Dunedin’s Casino


Dunedin is another city in New Zealand that is located at the Otago Harbour on South Island’s south-eastern coast. Dunedin’s casino is a place that has gone under various changes and has come out as the perfect place to have some fun. Be it the aspects of design or games; there is always something attractive about this place which prevents you from leaving. Regardless of the various changes, the place still tends to bring back the old touch and charm that it once had. Hence, if you are looking for a place that is a combination of the times, then Dunedin’s casino is right here.

Hamilton Skycity Casino

Hamilton Skycity Casino

Overlooking the Waikato River, the Hamilton Skycity casino boasts of a scenic spot that is soothing to the eyes. Apart from the usual cheer of gambling, the place also hosts some classic events that is a treat for anyone who visits. These events occur once a year and bring a whole range of people from all around the world. Thanks to the massive demand, the place remains open for 24 hours all through the week. So, whether you want to roll some dice or a few cards, Hamilton Skycity casino will be at your service at all times. Hence, if you are planning on going for a tour of the casinos, then these three names are the ones that you shouldn’t miss.

Top New Zealand Online Pokies

Top New Zealand Online Pokies

Pokies machines are pretty famous in New Zealand, and people in New Zealand love playing pokies online as well. Nowadays pokies are available on computers and smartphones and offer even more options than the live machines. There are several pokies to choose from while surfing online casinos. There are new pokies released every month, but only a few succeed to get the attention of the players.  Here are the best picks based on customer base and reviews.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is famous around NZ for the highest payouts in the online slot machine history. Millions play Mega Moolah every day to seek the high paying jackpots. The highest winning jackpot was recorded to be 28,757,400 by a lucky player in 2015.

Twin Spin

Twin Spin is another great platform and one of the best pokies in NZ. The game is won by linking at least two of its five reels together. It has other unique features such as free spins, and bonus rounds which make it one of the most enjoyable and popular pokies in recent memory.

Gonzo’s Quest


Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most famous pokies from NetEnt. It was one of the first games to change the gaming experience by breaking the spinning reels by inventing Tumbling reels. The visuals are entertaining enough to keep the players hooked, and the payouts are also as good as the experience.

Major Millions

Major Millions is another high paying pokies to play in NZ and is developed by Microgaming. The jackpot can go above millions but mostly floats around $400,000. It is a progressive jackpot slot which might look a little outdated but offers as many bonus features as any new game.

Jack and The Beanstalk


Another highly played and top reviews game is Jack and the Beanstalk, which was released in 2012 by NetEnd. It is a complex and engaging online slot which has good payouts as well as have in-game bonus quests. It includes walking wild, and the expanding wilds during the free spin feature.

Battlestar Galactica

It is an impressive 243 ways-to-win pokie made by Microgaming. It is based on the classic science fiction series for the fans of the movies and TV series. There are three different modes to reward the players with various bonuses, leading to an exciting and fast-paced game.



One of the NetEnt’s most famous and popular games in this 5 reels 10 payline slot is smooth and easy.  Although the game offers no bonus, it has expanding wilds and frequent payouts. It is a simple game and an alternative for the fruit machine without going deep into video pokies.

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is people’s favourite by Microgaming featuring a thrilling vampire theme with random wilds and 4 exciting bonus rounds. Each round has its own storyline and prizes. This is a 243 ways-to-win game with medium volatility, so you can have a better chance of winning the game if you play for a long time.

The Best Beaches and Casinos for your Ideal Vacation at New Zealand

The Best Beaches and Casinos for your Ideal Vacation at New Zealand

New Zealand is home to a lot of things and exploration would be the perfect recipe. Out of the long list of options, visiting beaches and casinos could be the perfect match. On one side, you get to visit some scenes from nature, and on the other, you can experience man-made creations. This particular combination is the ideal vacation plan, and you will never regret your decision. So, to give a better idea about the same, here are some top beaches and casinos that you need to see in New Zealand.


Maitai Bay, Northland


Starting things off in style will be the ideal plan for understanding nature. Beaches need to be on that list, and you will understand things when you have a look at Maitai Bay. The place is clean and exotic, opening the door for a long list of activities. From adventure sports to leisure time, Maitai Bay is the right place.

Ninety Mile Beach


Although the name suggests ninety miles, reality states only 55 miles. But that will be the last thing on your mind, once you visit Ninety Mile beach. Whether you want to go surfing or bodyboarding, this beach will be the best location for all your activities. The iconic visuals might not be as appealing as Maitai Bay but will leave an impact on your mind.


ChristChurch Casino


A bit of gambling would be excellent to bring back the energy you lost from all that heat. So, the next destination needs to be casinos and what better place than the first casino in New Zealand. The ChristChurch Casino was opened in 1994 and is the right place to spend your evening. From classic gambling games to delicious meals, the place is a safe haven for everything.

SkyCity Casino


Auckland’s SkyCity Casino is another major attraction for all the right reasons. It was opened in 1996 and contains top features that boost everything that a casino requires. With more than 1000 table games and 1600 gambling machines, you might be confused about where, to begin with. So, if you are a gambler, then this place can be called your paradise.


When you consider these venues and destinations, you will hit the right mark on an adventure. In the morning, you can enjoy the waves at these beaches, and in the evening you can enjoy the loud cheer of gambling. This mix is essential if you are planning on getting the right break. The hectic work schedule should not be the only thing in life since monotonous activities tend to consume you throughout. Hence, grab a bag and hit the road to New Zealand.

The Best Casino Destination in New Zealand

The Best Casino Destination in New Zealand

Casinos are a great place to hang around during the holidays to escape from the predictable life and experience the thrill and excitement of uncertainty. The gaming machines and the poker tables can keep you hooked for hours, and whether you win or not, you will definitely have a good time inside a casino. While Macao and Las Vegas are worlds known for casinos parties, there are plenty of casinos in New Zealand to keep you hooked.  If you are looking for a casino in New Zealand, there you can try out these places and immerse in a journey of uncertainty.

Auckland’s SkyCity Casino

Auckland SkyCity Casino is located in the world’s tallest sky tower in Auckland. If you want to get a different kind of casino experience, SkyCity Casino will not disappoint you. You can play in over 150 tables and 2100 gaming machines throughout day and night. The casino has the policy of awarding their guests about each chip in they make to make sure that everyone plays responsibly. The casino also offers a bar, private smoking area, and quick cashing service. The casino also offers a learning package incase you want to learn the games and sharpen your skills. SkyCity also offers an online casino for Kiwis to enjoy from the comfort of home.

Hamilton SkyCity Casino


Hamilton SkyCity Casino is located near the Waikato River, which provides an amazing view to anyone inside the casino. It is a branch of SkyCity casino franchise and offers almost the same games and facilities like the SkyCity Auckland. It has everything that the Auckland SkyCity has from food to table games, to learning packages, to the bars and smoking zone for the players. Hamilton SkyCity also hosts an event called Money Carlo which gives the players a chance to win $4000 in two chances.

Dunedin’s Casino

Dunedin is the city in Otago Harbour on the South Island in the southeastern coast. Dunedin’s Casino gives the feels of Monte Carlo with its redesigned gaming rooms, extravagant mosaic flooring and a lofty staircase to lead you to a grand glass dome roof. The gaming experience adds the vibes of old-time games  and modern gaming methods.

Christchurch Casino


Christchurch casino tops the number of slot machines inside a casino in New Zealand with a number more than 500. While the tables are only 36, with baccarat room, poker lounges, and a brand new electronic sports arena. Apart from the casino games, the place also offers PS4s for video gamers, and the best part is that you can play for free.

Queenstown SkyCity Casino

Another branch of SkyCity casino is in Queenstown and offer some of the most popular casino games that you can enjoy. This casino often conducts several tournaments and events for guests, so it is suggested to check for any upcoming events before going in. The casino has 86 gaming machines, tables games including blackjack and poker over 12 gaming tables. The casino has in house restaurant called wild thyme bar and kitchen that serves snacks, lunch, dinner, and beverages.

Best All-Inclusive Resorts with Casinos

Best All-Inclusive Resorts with Casinos

Imagine a resort which also offers you a chance to get lucky and win big prize money while you enjoy the weather and all-inclusive facilities during your holidays. What more do you need than a white sand beach, turquoise waters, and balmy breezes added with a complimentary casino experience. Here is a list of ten best all-inclusive resorts with casinos.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana

hotel & casino

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean hot spot for casinos. This massive resort has 13 pools and 23 bars and also the biggest casino in the country. At 45,000 square feet, the space casino if stacked with 40 gaming tables, 450 slot machines, and the largest sportsbook of the Dominican Republic.

Hotel Riu Palace Antillas

This is an adults-only all-inclusive resort in Aruba full of bars and high-energy. The guests are welcomed with Champagne and later get complimentary wine at every meal. This resort is made especially for the people who love to party and have other exciting options like casinos, shopping, dining, and activities. Smoking is allowed inside the casino which makes it a plus for party freaks.

Hideaway at Royalton Riviera Cancun


This all-inclusive resort is a 20-minute drive from Cancun International Airport. The décor is specially themed for a romantic vacation with incredible dining and complimentary tequila tastings. The restaurants offer cuisines from Japanese to Greek. For entertainment, the resort has Casino Del Mar in the Royalton Riviera Cancun which offers $50 worth free play for the guests to the resort.

Sunscape Curacao Resort Spa & Casino

This small island offers a perfect vacation for couples and even families with kids and grandparents. It hosts a large casino in a resort spread across 1,500 feet of white-sand beach. The resort also offers sports like snorkelling and swimming because of the rock jetty and has over 60 dive sites.

Paradisus Punta Cana Resort


One of the best all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, this resort offers nice restaurants, six bars, and 24-hour room service. It is famous for its food as well as cocktails. Apart from the adventure sports like kayaking and snorkelling, this resort is also a hub for high-rollers and casual gamblers in a busy casino which offers variety of games ranging from slots to tables.

Melia Nassau Beach

This beach resort is an upscale and sprawling resort which is situated on the beautiful Cable Beach. It is a 15-minute drive away from the airport and offers a lot of attractions on the way like Straw Market, Pirates of Nassau Museum, the Government House, and Christ Church Cathedral. Apart from which the resort also offers casino games and slots incase you want to try out getting lucky anytime.

Tips to Win at Spinions Beach Party Video Slot

Tips to Win at Spinions Beach Party Video Slot

Games have been an ideal part of our lives, regardless of the fact of acceptance. We have created the scope for demand and continue to do the same. The main reasons behind this is the kind of innovation that manufacturers have put on the table. Since we are speaking about innovation, here is an incredible game that you can excel by playing. The Spinions Beach Party is a popular game that challenges people to go beyond their skills, in order to win big. Apart from your skills, there are also specific tips that will help you through the process. Hence, here are some methods to win at Spinions Beach Party.

The Matter of “How Much”

The first question that creates doubts in your mind will be the part where you ask yourself how much to bet. Although people have their own methods to move the process forward, there are certain principles that you need to keep in mind. Out of all the principles, the most important one will be to create a stable relationship between your bankroll and the selected bet. This balance will determine things for the better, and you will never lose hope. You also need to avoid frequent bettings, since they take the game to a whole new direction.


The Chosen Bet

You might have heard people talk about the one secret that will change the course of the game. Thinking about that statement, you might have wandered around, imagining ways to crack it. But in reality, that very secret lies on the chosen bet. Yes, that’s right. The bet that you choose influences the game, and the results will arrive accordingly. So the best way to about doing things will be to set a limit on the bankroll. This step is an important one and will predict the right moves that you need to take. While choosing, you must also think about the size of the bankroll because it should be big enough to suit cover a 1000 bets. So as the game advances forward, you will be left with the right pieces that need to be placed at the right places.

The Effects of a Free Spin

We all want to increase the number of free spins but cannot think of ways to do so. The best solution for this comes, when you play the game at the same bet and not make moves to change. By doing so, you are raising the probability of free spins and the game will move according to your plan. Once it’s all over, you can start the process of evaluation. So, take all these points and move ahead with the right pace.

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